PROKON Full Structural Bundle-Annual Rental

US$ 5211.34

Modules included: 1.Analysis bundle Sumo Frame Analysis -Frame + 3D -Frame + Finite element -Frame + Second order and buckling -Frame + Non-linear (requires A3S) -Frame + Dynamic analysis Plane stress/plane strain analysis Single span/cantilever beam analysis Beam on elastic support analysis 2.Steel bundle Member design for axial stress Member design for combined stress Crane gantry girder design Plate girder design Base plate design Beam column connection design Apex connection design Hollow section connection design Bolt group design Weld group design Double angle cleat connection design Fin plate connection End plate connection 3.Concrete bundle Continuous beam/slab design Captain: Pre-stressed beam/slab design Rectangular slab panel design Rectangular column design Circular column design General column design Concrete retaining wall design Concrete base design Section design for crack widths Concrete section design Punching shear design 4.General Design bundle Prosec: Section properties calculation Wind pressure analysis Gutter size design Masonry section design Masonry wall design Timber member design License Type: Annual license. Billed every year. For all orders a download link is provided to download the software. Indent time: 3-5 working days

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